Our college wrote about why it is important to submit an abstract to the EHRA EUROPACE

Cardiology 2013. December. 16.
Valentina Kutyifa MD write about what it means to be selected to present her research at the EHRE EUROPACE congress. The following article had been published on the website of the Europen Society of Cardiology.

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Valentina Kutyifa, EP trainee from Semmelweis University, Heart Center, Budapest, Hungary

I’m deeply honored to have the opportunity to present my research data at EHRA EUROPACE 2013, which I consider to be one of the most highly regarded international meetings in EP. The conference presents a great opportunity for me to receive feedback from EP experts from all over the world about my abstract; Investigating right to left ventricular interlead sensed electrical delay as a prognostic predictor of clinical outcomes in heart failure patients undergoing cardiac resynchronisation therapy implantation.

Such discussions are of enormous value for revising research concepts, further extending previous research analyses and improving our understanding of the findings. They not only help to develop the findings into important research publications, but also provide further input for future research analyses. I have seen many new research topics being developed from discussions at meetings.

I particularly wanted to present my work at EHRA EUROPACE because I’ve seen the Association growing since 2006 and feel connected to this scientific community in EP. Many valuable professional relationships, and even friendships have evolved from my attending EHRA EUROPACE meetings, both with physicians and company associates.