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Address:  1122 Budapest, Gaál József street 9. Phone:  +36-1-4586847+36-1-4586847 Fax:  +36-1-4586818 E-mail: Mailing address:  1122 Budapest, Városmajor street 68.
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Gottsegen György Országos Kardiológiai Intézet (Gottsegen György National Cardiology Institute)

Address:  1096 Budapest, Haller street 29. Website:
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III. sz. Belgyógyászati Klinika (III. Dep. of Internal Medicine)

Address:  1122 Budapest, Városmajor street 68. Website: Mailing address:  1125 Budapest, Kútvölgyi street 4.
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Szent János Kórház (Saint John's Hospital)

Address:  1125 Budapest, Diós árok 1-3. Website:
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Szent Imre Kórház - Kardiológia (Saint Imre's Hospital)

Address:  1115 Budapest, Tétényi street 12-16. Website:
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Állami Egészségügyi Központ - Kardiológia (State Medical Center)

Address:  1134 Budapest, Róbert Károly körút 44. Website:
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Postgradual education (hungarian)

Please note that documents about Postgradual Courses only available in Hungarian. 

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Below you can read the accounts of experiences, reported by fellow doctors and students from different countries all over the world. They spent some time, (usually at least three months) in Semmelweis University, Heart and Vascular Center to learn about our practice and took time to share their experiences with the visitors of this homepage.


Marta Cossa



I'm an Italian 23 year old Biomedical Laboratory Technician. This means I studied for three years with more than 2000 hours of lab practice in my course.

I can gladly say that here in this Hospital I had one of the most beautiful, exciting, self-growing experiences, both in the field of work and humanity.

To be honest, I didn't know what to expect from this internship, wondering about how I could demolish Hungarian language or any other cultural barrier. All my doubts and fears went away since my first day! I met a lot of beautiful, altruistic people, prone to teach students how to deal with their job.  I got different job mentors.  Job mentors who revealed to be life mentors as well.
The only thing I regret is not to have learnt how to fluently communicate with them in Hungarian. Maybe I was asking myself too much...!

I will always keep Városmajor centre and my amazing tutors in my mind.



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Daniela Silva and Mariana Amaral


The oportunity to study in Budapest was amazing. We arrived without knowing what to expect for these three months but then we found a beautiful city, very nice and friendly people, a lot of places to discover and enjoy, a difficult but challeging language, hot and sweet food, great soups… It wasn´t good, it was awesome!


In the Semmelweis Hospital, all people were very kind and every time ready to explain and teach us in English and for that we are very gratefull! They really provided us a lot of knowledge!
Meeting many international students, we could know new cultures, change ideas and make new friendships. It was a good time!


It was very important to us coming to Budapest not only because we had fun trying new and different things but also because at the same time we learnt how to be more independent.
We will keep these memories with us and they will remain forever in our minds.


Thank you very much!


Best regards,
Daniela Silva and Mariana Amaral (cardiac and pulmonary techinician students)

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Daniela Freire and Helena Dias


Our stay in Budapest was definitely an experience we will never forget. No doubt that this city is full of charms and wonders of many natural and architectural beauties.

We are very grateful for all the availability and support given to us by the hospital staff. It is indeed a great opportunity to see and we can put into practice what we have learned only in theory. Undoubtedly recommend this experience and we assure you will not regret it.

Greetings from Portugal
Daniela Freire and Helena Dias (cardiac and pulmonary techinician students)

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Dr. Lam Ho


Hello!! Let me introduce myself first. I am Lam Ho, an interventional cardiologist from Hong Kong. I joined Semmelweis Heart and Vascular Center from Nov 2013 to Jan 2014 for device and coronary intervention fellowship training. Here the patient load is astonishing. In 3 months time, I have accumulated more than 200 device implantation experience from pacemaker, ICD, CRT and CRT-D. You will encounter many advanced things like transseptal pacing, LAA occluder and lead extraction. They had ~1780 device implantation in 2013. Doctors here are kind and knowledgeable. Their skill is fantastic as you can imagine if you implant ten pacemakers per day, you will develop very advanced skills. They will “spoon-fed” lots of tips and tricks on device implantation to you. They know the device from programming to all fine details.

The PCI volume is huge. ~ 8000 coronary angiogram and ~4000 PCI were done per year. I like their “Budapest Model” for primary PCI service very much. You will meet many super experienced operators here, who had PCI volume > 5000.

Doctors and nurses here are very friendly too. Dr Geller invited me to a “pig killing party” before I leave. It is an unforgettable experience. They will also bring you to taste different good wines. No worry for your stomach during your stay. Hungarian food is very delicious.

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Emin Evren Özcan


I spent two years in Budapest Heart Center for EHRA electrophysiology fellowship and it was a meritorious experience. Being first international fellow in the department was not easy in the beginning. Especially native language was challenging. However, hospitality of the staff was very impressive and facilitated my integration.After two months, we overcame all these problems and being single fellow in such a high volume center became an advantage.

Budapest Heart Center was an excellent place for hands on training. I performed many procedures and learned unique techniques that I have never seen anywhere else. After completion of fellowship, I can clearly see that EHRA training in Budapest Heart Center was definitely sufficient. Faculty of Heart Center still keep supporting and encouraging me. We routinely make internet conversations and discuss the problems.

If you just start to live in Hungary, do not forget: Nothing is as it seems.
First of all, some procedures are not really easy as it seems while Dr. Geller doing. After thousands of procedures all staff have gained fascinating creativity and experience.
Hungarian people are not cold as they look like. Let them know you for a while. Most of them will be your best friends.

I highly recommend all foreigners to learn Hungarian. It is not as difficult as seems and speaking Hungarian definitely makes life easier. Do not worry about accent, people will appreciate your effort.
In addition, Budapest is wonderful city to live. There are plenty of cultural events and festivals in every season. But do not spend all time in Budapest. Enjoy the rest of country and endless plains. It seems that Hungary does not have a seaside but it has. Visit Balaton and sail in the Hungarian sea.

As a conclusion, electrophysiology fellowship in Budapest Heart Center was an enormous experience and it was great pleasure to be a member of this team. I spent unforgettable two years. If you are a foreigner in Budapest and need some advice please do not hesitate to contact (

Best regards,
EminEvrenÖzcan, MD.

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Motaz Ibrahim


I am an Egyptian medical student, studying at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine in Egypt. I had a really fantastic time during my month-long Cardiology Elective Term with Dr. György Bárczi!! It was honestly one of the best months of my life. I would jump at the chance to do it again, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn a lot (not just medicine) in one of the world's best cities Budapest.
I've written this post to help prospective students, so you can see what I got up to and hopefully give you some handy tips too.
There was a lot on offer at The Semmelweis Heart Center (Budapest) in terms of learning experiences. Some of my favorites were:
The morning cardiology clinic Rounds at The Cardiac ICU was a great opportunity to see a wide range of cardiac patients (Congestive Heart failure, arrhythmias and Cardiogenic shocks). It was a great chance to observe the symptomatology of the different disease processes, and to see what the treatment options for the patients were.
I've attached some of my photos taken at the hospital for the guest book.

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