Исследовательские проекты


Theme leader

Cardiovascular and cardioprotective effects of endogenous peptides in cardiac ischemia: experimental and clinical studies Violetta Kékesi, PhD
Study of local myocardial interaction of cardiogenic agents Violetta Kékesi, PhD
Study of local interaction of adenin nukleoside and endothelin-1, heart in situ Violetta Kékesi, PhD
Miklós Rusvai, MD (SzTE, Pathology)
In vitro study of the mechanism of action of cardiovascular regulating agents Violetta Kékesi, PhD
Interaction of KATP and LCa channels of smooth muscle in the mechanism of coronary relaxation Violetta Kékesi, PhD
Study of the pathomechanism of heart failure, new options in pharmacologic and non-pharmacoligic treatment Béla Merkely, MD, PhD, DSc
Acute and chronic evaluation of pacemakers and pacemaker electrodes (biocompatibility, fixation, defibrillation threshold, etc.), heart in situ Béla Merkely, MD, PhD, DSc
Endre Zima, MD, PhD
In vitro study of biomechanical characteristics of coronary veins T Balázs (BME),
Endre Zima, MD, PhD
Tissue damage during and after heart transplantation. New therapeutic strategies to prevent reperfusion injury and acute, as well as chronic rejection Gábor Szabó, MD (Ruprecht-Karls Universität, Heidelberg)
Monitoring of tissue glucose level by a new technology, subcutaneous glucose-measuring probe R Urbanics, MD (Experimetria),
Violetta Kékesi, PhD